Monday, July 12, 2010

The Blog’s First Comment and My First Hefeweizen!

The blog got it's first comment today! This is like that first dollar bill that your drycleaner has hanging next to their register. Thank You to Mel Linder - I hope the blog put a smile on your face.

I am celebrating with a Harpoon UFO Hefeweizen. It just so happens this is my first experience with a Hefeweizen, and I am enjoying it. First Comment, First Hefeweizen - it’s just good symmetry. In the past, I was always unwilling to go for something that said “unfiltered” or “wheat”. Call it fear or call it loyalty to all things filtered and non-wheat. For example, when I smoked, I smoked cigarettes with filters; when I swim, I like to swim in pools with filters, and when I have a Thomas’s English Muffin I want the original, i.e. the non-wheat english muffin. I’m sure many of you have the same loyalties. But I assure you it is safe to cast those allegiances aside for a good Hefeweizen. Honestly, I don’t even know if what I am drinking is a GOOD Hefeweizen (since it is my first how can I be sure (that‘s what she said)), but judging on the other Harpoon brews I’d say it is probably average, or maybe just a hair above that.

Some Other Harpoon Beers:

Harpoon IPA (5.9%ABV): This is rather mild for an IPA. If your looking for that real hoppy bitterness that most associate with American IPA’s, then you will be disappointed. Most American IPA’s have around 60 IBU’s, which is some sort of bittterness measurement that helps with comparisons, and Harpoon’s comes in at 42 IBU’s. However, this is still a decent ale that has a lot of the same action as an IPA but on a much more subtle scale. For even more reference points, the Summer Beer discussed below has 28 IBU’s.

Harpoon Summer Beer (5.0%ABV): This is a Kolsch-style ale (the “o“ should have those 2 dots over it). What does this mean? Well, it is brewed in the style of a Kolsch, which is a German beer named after the region it is brewed in: Koln, Germany. Like France with its wines and such, a beer can only be labeled a Kolsch if it is brewed in Koln. Okay, well what does that really mean? It is similar to a Pilsner (think Pilsner Urquell or Beck’s) but lighter and less hops taste (so hardly any bitterness) but with that same crisp, dry finish. This is very light, which I think is a good quality for the hot days of summer.

Harpoon Crystal Wheat (4.8% ABV): Very similar to the summer beer but with a considerable amount of lemon and even less bitter (12 IBU’s) than the Summer Beer. If your into lemons in your beer, and I’m not talking a little lemon zest or hint of lemon, I’m talking actual lemons, then you’ll probably enjoy this. Wife loves it.

So to recap: I beat the IBU horse to death, put parenthesis inside parenthesis, and typed “Hefeweizen” more times than I cared to. For more info on Harpoon Brewery:

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