Monday, November 29, 2010

Beer Quest (day one): Bell's Expedition Stout

After reading this amazing review for Bell’s Expedition Stout, I felt like I must try this in order to be complete.  First of all, if you don’t want to try that beer after reading that post then you don’t actually know how to read - you’re just faking it to fit in, staring and nodding when it feels appropriate.  Secondly, what I’ve had from Bell’s is pretty good, especially the Two-Hearted Ale.  And so begins my beer quest for Bell’s Expedition Stout.

Day 1 of my beer quest led me back to the Liberty Street Tavern.  I knew they had a great selection and had some Bell’s brews so it seemed like a good place to start.  But, alas, no Expedition Stout. 

So instead I tried Founder’s Old Curmudgeon (9.8 % ABV).  I really like the Founder Centennial IPA and this curmudgeon stuff was on tap so why not, and saying “give me the Old Curmudgeon“ gave me 0.8 seconds of joy, like I was a fan of professional wrestling again at some city fairgrounds standing on my chair red in the face screaming “give him the Ol‘Curmudgeon!” as the fat masked villain climbed the turnbuckles.  It, the beer not the daydream, had a floral hop component to it, some spice, low carbonation and kind of a syrupy finish.  Overall, good flavor but not what I was looking for. 

Still disappointed at the failure of my expedition for Expedition, I thought about going with another stout. But, with my mind was so set on this particular stout, I couldn’t even begin to consider where to start, a rain man moment if you will - Expedition is my Wapner - so I went another direction and settled on the Racer 5, by Bear Republic (which I already wrote about here).  I love this beer.  It was like a get well soon bouquet of flowers for my taste buds and finished smooth like a mylar balloon that had “keep your head up” printed on it.  I stuck with the Racer 5 the rest of the night while silently vowing to continue my beer quest tomorrow.

To be continued…

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