Friday, June 25, 2010

An Introduction and Mission Statement

So the idea is that someone with very little experience in drinking “good beer”, I just so happen to fit that description, starts to explore the world of beer beyond the Millers and the Buds. As of right now, I have very little knowledge about beer but plan on learning as I go and sharing as I learn. From this point forward my beer drinking endeavors will focus on American craft beers or micro-brews along with the occasional interesting import.

My favorite beer, or at least my most frequent beer of choice prior to starting this project, is Rolling Rock. From what I can tell, and have been told, this beer used to be a regional powerhouse from western PA - brewed in the glass lined tanks of Latrobe - but was bought by Anheuser-Busch, which was then bought by some global beer giant. Anyway, it is now brewed in Newark. I do not remember much about college but I do remember that I didn’t like Rolling Rock back then. Apparently, I was not a fan of beers brewed in glass lined tanks. I do however enjoy beers brewed in Newark. Or I used to. Lately, it just hasn’t been hitting the spot. I experienced a similar falling out of flavor with Miller Lite a few years back. It used to be my playground, and now I can hardly stand the sight of it.

Other things that I remember from college:

That my friends and I all had Wu-Tang like nicknames for each other. There was the BZA, a name that sticks with him to this day, I was J-kwon (the chef), Hans was dubbed the HZA (which seems redundant but at the time was actually the funniest thing I had ever heard), then we had Ol’ Dirty Dabeck and Ghost Face Miller. Is this a common occurrence - themed nicknames? Those unfamiliar with the Wu Tang Clan will find this memory unremarkable at best. Those familiar with the Wu have assured themselves that they are better than me. I accept both judgments.

Thinking that Milli Vanilli wrote some good songs. This is clearly an opinion formed on the same night as the Four Forty Challenge (a mountain that only the BZA could climb) but an opinion nonetheless that I still stand by to this day.

Dancing in a circle around a chair to a six minute long ska song and thinking that it was the best time I’ve ever had in my life and then exclaiming “that was SIX minutes!” - as if until that moment, I didn’t really believe that time flies when your having fun. It was a real eye-opener.

Pooping my pants two times in one day. This might be a little much to reveal about myself so early in the adventure but I feel that it is relevant here for one reason: Remember that scene in City Slickers where Billy Crystal’s character is asking Bruno Kirby’s character what his best day was and Bruno Kirby tries to avoid the question but finally tells this horrible story about his mother and father fighting, he confronting his dad, and his dad walking out on the family and how he had to take care of his mother and sisters from then on and how that day was his best day. And then Daniel Stern says, “Well then what was your worst day?” and Bruno, very introspectively replies, “the same day.” Anyway, the story of the day where I double-dipped would be my best day/worst day story. That’s a big deal.

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