Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer of Shirt

Beer on my shirt recently celebrated its one year anniversary.  We threw a huge party in a field next to Union Jacks.  Everyone was invited.  Lots of people showed up.  Coincidentally, Frog Holler was playing in the same field.  Lots of people showed up for them too. 

I started the celebration with a Saison DuPont - a delicious Belgian farmhouse ale that tastes like the end of spring mixed with champagne.  It was $9 and worth every penny.  Don’t worry, I’ll expense it.

When I started BOMS, I had a few milestones in mind that I hoped to reach:
  • 3000 page views by the 1 year anniversary.  Mission accomplished.  This equates to roughly 8.2 page views per day.  Considering that many months I only posted once, I think this is pretty respectable, like my biceps.
  • 100 likes on Facebook.  This did not happen.  Oh well.  Facebook is really difficult to use and I think only about 15 BOMS readers know how to repost a link to their wall.  Of those 15, apparently only 6 care enough to do it.  Of those six, I am related to or sleeping with 4 of them (3 related to, 1 sleeping with (yes Wife, you), to be clear).  Thank you loyal captains of the militia, your free t-shirt is in the mail.
  • Make t-shirts.  This goal was not achieved.  Sorry captains.
  • Learn a lot about beer.  That one is subjective but I feel pretty good about it.
  • Complete my Husker Du discography.  I am half way there.  (Please excuse the lack of umlauts (two dots) over the u’s.)

During the course of the year, I also learned a few very important, but unexpected, lessons:
  • The sound of peeing on dead leaves sounds eerily similar to the sound of an angry rattlesnake.
  • Babies can shart for distance.  Like 10-12 feet.  It is impressive.
  • Don’t even mess with an avocado if you’ve been drinking.  It is not worth it.  They are smarter than you when you’re sober, and will only embarrass you if your drunk.
  • On a related note, you don’t realize what an anchor your left index finger is to your daily flossing routine until you injure it in a late night avocado death match.

It is no coincidence that the BOMS anniversary falls around the beginning of summer.  With that in mind, here are some summer beers that will please the craft beer novice and the beer connoisseur alike. 

Bell’s Oberon Ale is wheat ale with a hop flavor that is more spice than bitter with a slightly fruity cut grass smell that goes down way smooth.  I field tested this with both non-craft beer drinkers and craft beer drinkers and everyone really enjoyed it.  And at 5.8% ABV it has a nice session quality that any summer beer needs.

Magic Hat’s Wacko (4.5% ABV) is a strange one.  It is made with beet juice so it pours almost red and has a sweetness different from most beers.  However, it drinks extremely light and on a hot day goes down more like juice than beer.  I brought a case of this to a party last summer and it was a hit.

New Holland’s Golden Cap (6.25% ABV) is a farmhouse ale, like the Saison DuPont mentioned earlier.  The yeasty flavor gives this American brew a nice Belgian quality but with a refreshing sweetness at the front end.  I really the like the balance between the sweetness and the tartness of this beer - think lemons - with a creamy, dry finish that keeps you thirsty.  I wouldn’t say this is my favorite Saison, but for outdoor summer drinking, this is probably at the top of my list right now.

Victory’s Summer Love (5.2% ABV) is a pretty straight forward beer, which is good.  It has a slight pilsner bite to start, the crisp maltiness of a lighter lager (even though this is an ale), and a subtle floral finish - all in all a nice, easy drinking, summer ale.  I drank a few of these after having a Yakima Glory (which is a delicious option for a rainy summer day - imagine a chocolatey smooth mild IPA), and it brought a more bubble gum creaminess to the flavor that I really liked, but that unfortunately wasn’t there when I had a solo Summer Love last night while grilling dinner.  I have an iPod shuffle for a palate.

And for something a little more hoppy, go for Lagunita’s Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale (7.5% ABV).  Another wheat ale, the hops are what you notice first, but after a few smooth sips it is the flavor of the beer that takes over and the hops became sweet background music - “Summer Breeze” Seals and Crofts anyone?  A very crisp and refreshing beer with hints of citrus that has a little bit of what everybody is looking for - especially great if your grilling up something spicy, like jerk chicken (what did you call me?), or munching on some habanero mango salsa and chips. 

Boom! I just food paired your ass.  Choreographed intramural high fives all around.

You got a summer fave?  Let me know.

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  1. Listen, when a man wants avocado on his burger, a man puts avocado on his burger.

    and yes, some men actually want avocado on their burger.

    However, the avocado incident of '11 is really just another feather in the cap of my pro-bacon argument.

    and to all concerned, my finger has healed up quite nicely. Flossing has once again become effortless.