Thursday, April 12, 2012

Saucony Creek Brewing Co. - a video and a kickstarter

Check out this video for Saucony Creek Brewing Company and visit their Kickstarter page.  They have about 10 days left and are pretty close to their goal.

I had the opportunity to try a few of the beers at a local tasting.  Of the four beers they were tapping, my favorite was a wheat beer I think they were calling Hex-a-weizen.  It was good and crisp like a wheat beer should be.  They also had a cranberry wheat that had a great tartness and fizziness that I really enjoyed - at least for the sample I had - though I may be just a bit too man-ish to drink more than one pint of it - it was kinda pink.  I am more than kinda man-ish.

There was a raspberry chocolate stout that was alright, definitely tasted the raspberry and chocolate and it was nicely balanced, with a hint of booze.  The fourth beer available for sampling was a double IPA.  It was my least favorite - a bit thin or watery and at 100+ IBU's I was expecting more of tongue punch, perhaps it was lacking in the carbonation department, but regardless I would certainly drink it again and with a fresh palate I could have a totally different opinion.  Overall, the event was fun - the brewer, Matt, seemed like a good dude and tried to find time to give everybody some personal attention and answer any questions they had - I look forward to getting out to another tasting to give them all another try.  If you like good beer make a pledge.      

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