Monday, July 8, 2013

Doing the best I can...

I'm doing the best I can to keep updating this site, at the very least, with links to new pieces of mine that have been popping up over at Beergraphs.

Most recently, a post about alternative brownies and Green Flash's Rayon Vert went up just before the holiday.

Before that was a rework of an old post from this site but with a new beer reviewed, Brooklyn's Sorachi Ace, which was delicious.

Also, on July 18th, I'll be in Chicago at Fizz for a Fangraphs/Beergraphs meet-up/Q&A session. If you live nearby, stop out. Click here for all the details.

And finally, I'm leaning towards doing away with this blog's Facebook page. I would much rather just send out an email to anyone that wanted it than continue to use that. So, if were relying on the Beer On My Shirt Facebook page for links and updates, please either send me your email to or follow me on Twitter @beeronmyshirt. Or get some sort of RSS feed reader, which I know next to nothing about.

Monday, July 1, 2013

More Action, More Evil Twin over at Beergraphs...

Are you in need of more action? If so, head over to for my latest piece on collaborations, specifically the collaborative brew by Westbrook Brewing and Evil Twin - the Mini-Growler Imperial Stout.

Thank you for your support.

I wish I could say the same to my briefs.
All men's underwear is flawed.
And yet I wear them.

(The above is a haiku in which I ignore the rule for the number of syllables in the first line.)