Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beer On My Shirt Lives On...

Beer On My Shirt is still alive and well, churning out articles over at almost every week. Look for the articles that start with Beer On My Shirt or by J. R. Shirt. Lots of good beer information over there, so check it all out, bookmark it, and follow me on Twitter and Untappd @beeronmyshirt for updates.

Here are some of my more recent articles from Beergraphs (it might get a little weird):

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Let's Go To The Outer Banks

Beersport: The Imperial Breaks, Biscotti vs. Doughnut

The Enjoy By IPA Experiment

I Receive An Email About A New Beer Dispenser

I Return To Tired Hands, Alone

I Drink Some Gelatinous Womb And Loathe Myself

Citizen's Bank Park Ballpark Beer Review

My Beer Is Expired

Beersport: The Outdated Pop Culture Edition

First Name Vagueries And Personal Grooming

That should be enough for right now. Enjoy.