The Staff

Introducing the Staff of Beer On My Shirt...

The CEO:  A mythical beast whose name shant be spoken but can be abbreviated with the initials C.E.O.  That said, the CEO mainly provides memos and directives via telepathy and an antiquated Dell computer server.  Rarely seen, but heard regularly as a voice inside your mind - the CEO of Beer on my Shirt will burn your soul from the inside out if you choose to cross him.  Or if you use the restroom without washing your hands afterwards.  And he expects to hear you sing “Happy Birthday” not once but twice while hand washing.  And we don’t use the term ‘sing’ loosely around here - you better be in key or you’ll be soulless before you know it.

The President:  Just like in America, there is no real president.  There is however a large conch shell filled with crystal skulls.  I hold the conch shell 90% of the time so I will sometime refer to myself as the president.  If you don’t like it you will be subject to electric shocks of incrementally increasing voltage until you do like it.  Or until you die.  

Pony P.:  A man with a plan and a canal and a ponytail, Pony P. was Beer On My Shirt's first full time non-paid employee. Like most employees, he fills multiple roles. Beer drinking, computer programming, heavy lifting, and pony tailing are just a few of his duties. He has the bones of a dead person inside him and near perfect attendance, excluding that time when he was suspended. (Here's some more about that) (and click here for Pony's first appearance)

T-Bone:  He got his start at the now infamous IPA taste test of 2010. Since then his presence has been felt regularly on the festival circuit - and not just beer festivals - the Bone attends any and all festivals: Apple, Peach, Fiddle, Music, and Lights are just a taste of the types of festivals where Bone has docked his dingy. A true man among boys with a rocket arm, his enlightening witticisms are often referred to simply as "boners" and we are happy to have him as a member of the Beer On My Shirt staff.

Joe:  A man who needs no nickname and no links in his bio for that matter (he is omnipresent in all posts). And while not necessarily a regular at the festival game, he has been to a Festival Of Games. And won. So we'll throw a link in anyways.

Fox:  Not a nickname - an actual fox that lives in our office. He, too, has been to a few festivals as a member of Beer On My Shirt.

Andre: He wears the moustache in this family. Also, he is the musical director here at Beer On My Shirt.